Purchasing a Hamster Kit

We want to ensure adopters have all the necessary tools and resources to properly care for their new companion. We try to empower adopters with the knowledge for proper care but are also happy to offer all the right initial supplies for the proper setup for your hamster.

Cost of our kit = cost to buy all items yourself

Each kit will have a breakdown of all the items and its associated price whether at the store or on Amazon, etc. The cost of the kit is simply the total of these items.

Will the kit have everything I need to get started?

The kit consists of all the necessities for a basic setup. We strongly urge adopters to aim higher by adding more toys, hides, textures and other forms of enrichment!

What’s in the kit?

Note: Anything on this list can be removed if you have an acceptable replacement, and we’ll adjust the price.

  • 1000in2+ enclosure with a secured lid ($90 – $110)
  • Enough bedding for 8-12inches across entire base ($80)
  • 1 bag of hamster-safe sand ($12)
  • Appropriately sized sand bath
  • Appropriately sized wheel ($34 for dwarfs) ($55 for Syrians)
  • 2 platforms ($15)
  • Shallow water dish ($2)
  • 2-4 hides ($15)
  • 1 bag of species-appropriate diet ($12)