Our Core Values

Respect for small animals

All animals, whether humans or nonhumans, lead consequential lives. Their experiences are meaningful to themselves, as is ours to ourselves. We aim to promote not only empathy for animals, but a respect for them as individual beings. We want to recognize their individuality, their unique interests, and the value of their experiences.

In encouraging people to see small animals from this perspective, we hope to challenge the widespread cruelty and disregard for them. We believe that such a change in our mindset will subsequently encourage people entrusted to care for animals to strive to create a truly good life for their animal companions.

Here for them

In tandem with respect for small animals, we are against the pervasive notion of animals as commodities for human use whether as toys (“pets”), food, experimentation, or entertainment. Instead of them being here for us, we believe that in adopting an animal into our home, we become here for them. Most, if not all, of the animals that come through rescues have spent their former lives in serious neglect.

Adoption of a rescued animal is a commitment to giving them a life in which they can simply be, rather than be expected to serve a purpose for humans.

Evidenced-based guides

We believe in evidence-based care. This means meeting high welfare standards such as the TVT (The [German] Veterinary Association for Animal Welfare) standards for small animal care.

Healthcare for all

Lastly, we believe small animals deserve professional care when necessary. This can mean preventative healthcare, but most importantly, prompt treatment by a qualified exotic veterinarian when an animal is ill. This means keeping in mind the costs, and location of nearest exotic vets, prior to committing to adoption of an animal.